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Where to go for NEET Preparation?


NEET preparation ke liye kaha jana chahiye to start coaching basic

If you really have a dream to crack NEET and reach the best medical institute of the region. You are at the right place.

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Undoubtedly, the world is combating with the unpresedentive situations and so we are. So, are you too stressed thinking how to prepare for NEET exam in pandemic??
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NEET 2020 has been scheduled to be conducted on September 13, 2020, and only a few days are left in the hands of candidates to do final preparations. Candidates can use this time productively and invest in final revision. Every year lakhs of students appear for NEET to secure admission in medical and dental colleges and to get a seat in your preferred college you need to score good marks. 

  • Candidates should focus on a preparation strategy that is most suitable for them in the last few days for example you can go through the topics from NEET Syllabus that have maximum weightage.
  • Candidates must also utilize the previous year’s papers to analyze their efficiency. The exam requires a candidate to stick with a smart study plan and constant practice by solving NEET Practice Papers

NEET 2020 Last Minute Preparation Tips

  • Stick to what you know & avoid new topics: Try to avoid touching new topics in the last one month and only stick to revisions of those topics that you have studied during your preparation time. New topics could confuse you which could be stressful in the last few for the exam.
  • Revise the Formulas on Daily Basis: Stick to your notes and highlights for important formulas. Go through all the important formulas once a day to hold your grip on the same. Daily revision of notes will help you remember the formulas for a longer period of time and you can easily solve the direct questions in the exam. 
  • Study as per your Time Table: It is advisable for NEET aspirants to give about 10 hours to study excluding the mock test duration. Do not think that the exam is very close so I should study for more hours. This could be bad for your health. Follow the same routine which you were following from the last month. 
  • Revise from Notes: Your performance on the exam doesn’t depend on how much you can cover, it rather depends on how much you can retain. Therefore, you must revise your notes on a daily basis. Revision at one go is not the accurate way, one must divide the syllabus and revise it in detailed parts. Notes are time-saving and help in organizing thoughts. Notes should be handy, easy to comprehend with highlighted sections and pointers.
  • Go through your Shortcut Methods: You must solve questions, again and again, to which can be solved with some shortcut methods. So that during the time of real exam you can easily identify such questions and apply that same method to save your time. 
  • Paper Attempting Strategy: Candidates should have a good strategy on how to attempt the paper considering the points like time management, selection of questions, and accuracy. All these factors are interdependent on each other and essential for a successful attempt. Candidates must have a clear idea of what questions they can or can not attempt. Aiming to solve the entire paper will only lead to disruption of clarity. The sequence of attempting the question paper must be chosen as per one’s own convenience. 
  • Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: Kindly don’t undermine your health amidst all the stress. You must take short breaks during your study hours. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and get at least 6-7 hours of sleep every day. Also, considering the current situation, please take all the precautions against coronavirus. 
  • Mock Tests: When only a few days are left then candidates should focus more on revising the syllabus, formulas etc. However, candidates should try to take at least 1 NEET Mock Tests to analyze their final preparation. Mock tests will also teach you about time management which is one of the most crucial factors for success in such competitive exams. 

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