What are the things a NEET 2021′ aspirant should avoid doing?

Daily REET 2020

Friends, if you are aspiring to crack NEET 2021′, there prevails a number of things which needs to be avoided by you. This post will make you familiar with all those aspects:

Wasting time on mobile phones/laptop for NEET 2021

So, it is the first and the most important thing you need to focus on. Also, you should avoid the unnecessary use of mobile phones. We can easily notice these things around that individuals usually waste their time in watching the YouTube videos, playing COD/PUBG, like games, or in watching the movies. So, you need to devote majorly of your time in engaging in the sincere learning. It is all to avoid failure and wastage of a whole year.

  • Doing only theory and neglecting questions: One of the major reasons for failure of a NEET 2021 aspirant is not doing enough questions. Doing the questions especially the previous year questions is much vital for clearing the basic concepts & cracking NEET. Reading theory again and again will not help you anymore. Practical learning along with clearing the concepts is much vital.
  • Studying extensive biology and neglecting physics and chemistry: Please don’t study biology in great depth. NCERT and few important points from your coaching modules along with previous year questions are sufficient for scoring 330+ in biology.

Irony of medical entrances is that to become a doctor you must secure very good marks in physics and chemistry as these are the rank deciding subjects.

  • Indulging in political debates: If you do this, you are sacrificing your career for nothing. You might enjoy doing political debates over a cup of tea but this would divert your mind away from your aim and would cause failure.
  • Listening to a lot of musicSeriously, this can be a major distraction. You must limit your time for music and recreation. As you experience the things, just decide yourself whether it is doing more harm or good.
  • Doing backlogs in test seriesPlease stop procrastinating. Never let backlogs happen. It doesn’t matter whatever be your level of preparation for that particular test. If you have any backlogs, complete them at once.
  • Lying to themselves and their parentsMany NEET aspirants who give online test series tend to do cheating and score good marks to fool their parents. Just remember, if you are doing this, you are fooling yourself. Avoid these type of childish things.
  • Studying in a room day and night: It is very necessary to spend some time outdoors taking fresh air. Thus, you can even do it alone or with your family/friends. Just take a walk. It would rejuvenate you. As a result, your studying efficiency would increase.
  • Thinking about the past: Please stop thinking about your past failures or the society if you want to crack NEET. If you want to think about the past, just derive important lessons from your failure rather than demotivation.
  • Indulging in coronavirus discussion:This is especially important as per the current scenarioJust remember that the aspirant who would sincerely study during this period avoiding any discussion on the coronavirus situation would ultimately emerge victorious in the exam. 

Friends, utilise the time in rectifying your previous mistakes instead of aggravating them.

It is time when you sincerely need to give your dream and the goal much importance over any of the other things during this phase of life.

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Over and all, I would just say… “Work Sincerely! Success is waiting for you.”

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