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Preparation Tips for NEET & JEE Droppers?

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The applicants who are going to appear in NEET & JEE 2020 examination, also includes those students who are appearing it for the second or third time. Many are also there who have just dropped a year for preparing for the examination. So, are you also among those groups of individuals? Affirmative, then this article is for you only. Here, we will be discussing about the do’s and don’ts for the JEE & NEET aspiring individuals.

Do’s for the Droppers

  • Stay Confident & Positive: Staying positive is much vital for the individuals who are preparing for the NEET & JEE examinations. The major thing is that you should never overthink about the previous failure attempts. It is all because, thinking again and again about the failures will only create depression. Thus, it will in turn result in the negative approach of the students towards the examination. So, you need to start your preparation for the examination with a fresh mind and positive approach.
  • Prepare an effective plan for studies: While preparing for the examination, you need to make an effective schedule. It is because this is not that kind of examination where you will just read the books a night before the examination and score the rank. The exam is having a vast syllabus. Along with that difficulty level is also high of this examination. It requires you to have proper preparation for scoring good rank. You need to be smart and systematic about your study approach. You need to estimate a sort of time saving method for the purpose of solving more and more question papers. Students! You need to recall the saying that, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Here, more and more practice will assist you in scoring high rank in the examination.
  • Clear basic concepts for the examination: It is important to know that majority of the questions in the NEET & JEE examination are based on the concept. So, you need to allot more and more time in clearing your basic concepts for the examination. Just refer to those books and study materials availing you the best study materials.
  • Revise regularly (Make short notes): Effective study plan will assist you in cracking the NEET & JEE 2020 examination. For the purpose, you must ensure making short notes for each and every topic you study. It will be helpful to you in remembering each and every concept which you have learned and also you will be able to complete your syllabus at time.
  • Practise with the mock test series: After completing the learning of a few topics of your syllabus, you should go for the mock test series and solve more and more previous year question papers. It will help you in considering your stand and also analysing your progress level. Also, it will help you in improving the speed of answering the exam questions. You will become quite familiar with the exam pattern.

Don’ts for the Droppers

  • Avoid wasting of time & distractions: In the recent time phase, it is clearly seen that majority of the students are getting distracted by their mobile phones and many other electronic gadgets. It is not like, that you should not use these gadgets, these are too useful as well but at the time of study you should not waste your precious time on social media platforms. A proper schedule for the study need to be maintained by the students in order to score good position in the examination.
  • Do not refer to more and more books: It’s a wrong perception of the students that learning from more and more books will help you in scoring good rank. In real, referring to more and more books will confuse you with the core concept of the topics.
  • Never Over exert: At a particular stretch, a student should never study for a longer period of time; it will just create confusion among the learners about any topic. Students should take short breaks while pursuing the study. You will be able to clear your concepts in much better manner by the tactics.
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