What are some funny differences between a NEET aspirant and a MBBS student?

Daily REET 2020

Well, this answer is going to be a lot like Expectations v/s Reality. So Brace yourselves!

Guys, this post could be quite funny but you would easily relate yourself with the situation if you are a NEET aspirant or a MBBS student.

Here it goes —

  1. NEET aspirant is always with his books. Attending all lectures, all tests, all tuitions possible to find the extra edge. A usual medical student (not toppers) would only come near books a few months before the exams. Moreover, they would bunk any lectures they possibly can.
  • A NEET aspirant is over enthusiastic to learn everything, in the shortest amount of time. After 3–4 months however, the enthusiasm gets buried into the huge syllabus.
  • A NEET aspirant aims for the best scores and top rankings. A medical student just hopes that he passes. If he/she gets a distinction, he/she will probably have to treat all his friends.
  • A NEET aspirant is usually away from social media. A medical student, especially in their early years would like to put every single detail of their life on social media. After a few years, they only post about fancy trips.
  • A NEET aspirant has a proper sleep schedule, even before exams. Most of the medical students you’d see are sleep deprived and are seen dozing off in classes. And it’s not always because of studies. Moreover, they probably only slept for about 2–3 hours before the exam.
  • NEET aspirant is never seen at parties or social gatherings. A medical student would probably be present everywhere where there are no books

(Moreover, fact it is that they would especially attend family functions to get praises and appreciation for pursuing medicine.)

  • A NEET aspirant believes that he is the smartest of them all. A medical student hopes he is not the dumbest of them all.

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