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Role of Proper Strategy to crack NEET 2021 examination

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So, in our last post we had the discussion on the role of intelligence for preparing for NEET 2021 examination. Here, we’ll learn about the role of proper strategy in the scenario. So, let’s move towards the section.


Everyone should have a unique strategy which focuses should have a proper focus on their strengths and weaknesses. But some basics must be followed by everyone.

Generally, whatever topic you are preparing, you need to master the theory first. Then build up the accuracy. If you see that you are attempting MCQ and more that 90% are correct, focus on building speed. You can increase your speed by practicing more and more MCQ’s. But, yes always keep in mind that you should never lose your accuracy in the process.

Talking about the strategies, let me throwaway some tips for you-

  • Focus on previous year papers, especially on Chemistry. Each year there is almost 70%-80% question in chemistry is inspired from previous papers.
  • While preparing for the Biology section, have your major focus on the NCERT section. Sometime a single line from NCERT can hide a whole story of its own. Try to unravel it.
  • Revision is the key. Yes it is! Make succinct revision plans in the series ( like you will revise your study after 1 day, 2 day, 4 day, 8 day…)
  • Try to develop a habit of giving full mock test. Here’s an interesting approach that I did. Find out what is going to be your duration of exam. Let’s assume it’s going to be 2–5 pm. Try more and more to build a habit of giving a mock test from 2–5 pm at home in an exam like condition. It’ll acclimatize your mind and body for the final examination.
  • Do the previous method for 2 weeks straight before the exam to set the stage. It’s highly effective.
  • Always develop exam oriented strategies. Remember, everything depends on how you’ll perform in those 3 hours. So work on some plans like how you are going to attend the paper, marking methods etc.
  • Do your own research and develop original strategies.

So guys, it was all about strategy. Now you might have got a keen idea that how much a proper strategy is important for NEET 2021 preparation.

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