Role of Motivation & Persistence for scoring utmost in NEET 2021

Role of Motivation & Persistence for scoring utmost in NEET 2021

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So guys, in this post we are going to acquaint you with the importance of motivation and persistence for cracking the tough exam of NEET 2021.


Mindset and motivation is something that makes the difference between a mere ranker and topper. Remember you are bound to get depressed. You’ll soon start to procrastinate, get distracted easily and avoid daily tasks. Eat healthy, stay fit and have enough rest- do these to keep your motivation level intact.

While the motivation is temporary, the mindset isn’t. Take a deep breath, take a piece of paper and write down 5 points on why being a doctor will satisfy you. Understand and learn more about the profession you are chasing. Why being a doctor requires discipline? What are the qualities that will make you a better human and aid you on your goal?

Also try to develop a Growth Mindset. Focus and enjoy the journey rather than the goal. If your mind is strong enough, you can cross even the steepest mountain with ease.


A part of mindset, deserves mentioning because of the sheer amount of it you will need.

Be persistent. Even though the syllabus seems huge, you have to start and keep grinding. Never lose the momentum, you can’t afford to waste energy to build momentum again and again. Practice each and every day without fail. Revise daily.

Your mind will start to start to oppress you sooner than you think. But I’ll say, not to leave the comfort zone in a sub conscious level. Just catch those signal and remember what is more important to you, your comfort zone or your goal.

Though, it was all about motivation and persistence. Stay Motivated ‘n’ be persistent! Surely, you will be the winner.

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