Recall these 11 Exam-Hall Mantra’s AND…..Your Selection is Definite

Daily NEET REET 2020

Along with the right preparations for the exam, it is crucial that the candidates are able to present the knowledge they have in the correct manner. Amidst the haste and nervousness of the exam, despite proper preparations, some candidates fail to deliver their best. The perturbation can take a toll on their confidence, and the students end up ruining their exams. There is no point in preparing well for the exam if you are unable to deliver it in the right manner, and consequently, all your hard work goes in vain. In the pressure and nervousness of the exam, the students even forget what they have studied.

To help the students with this issue, we have devised a list of tips and tricks which can ensure that the students are able to deliver their 100% and attempt the exam with full force. Following these tips will ensure that you have your best foot forward and increase your chances of acing the exam.

Take Proper Rest before Exam

It is imperative that you take proper rest and at least 8 hours of sleep prior to your exam. Being under-rested on the exam day can affect your ability to recall information and focus on the paper. If you feel sleepy during the paper, it will significantly hinder your performance, and you will not be able to give your best even after having proper preparation.

Don’t Aim Low

Some students make crossing the cutoff their ultimate aim and do not even think beyond that. Although it is very important that you achieve marks at least equal to the cutoff, by aiming so low, you are training your mind to perform only to qualify the exam and not top it. Even if you had the capability to do so much better, your low aim would lead your mind to settle with a low score. As it is rightly said, “Aim for the starts, so even if you fall short, you land on the moon.”

Read the Question Paper Carefully

The most common mistake that a lot of students do is not reading the question paper carefully. They give a mindless read to the question paper, understand the question wrong, and thus answer them wrong too. By doing so, they are losing their marks even after having proper preparation.

Don’t Panic

Some students can’t take the pressure and stress of the examination and start panicking in the examination center. This panic can make them lose their focus and concentration, which can affect their ability to think properly and recall what they have studied. Try not to panic before an exam. Take the help of short meditation or breathing exercises before starting your exam, if necessary.

Follow the Exam Instructions

The candidates must ensure that they are following all the instructions which are given to them in the examination hall. Abiding by the exam rules in the exam center is mandatory, and doing otherwise can lead their candidature towards cancellation. The candidates must avoid doing anything that doesn’t abide by the exam guidelines and try to follow all the instructions.

First Attempt the Questions You Know 

The candidates must understand that it is not compulsory to attempt the questions in the order they are asked. The candidates can begin with the questions that they know well first as they will take lesser time. Then the candidates can dedicate the remaining time to thinking and analyzing the questions they do not know the answer for. 

Ensure Proper Time-Management

The candidates must ensure that they give proper time to each segment. Sometimes, students begin with the most challenging section and end up giving the majority of their exam time to that particular section. This way, they do not have any time left for the remaining segments.

Do not waste time on tricky questions 

If you feel that you are not able to solve a question and even after a lot of brain-storming, you are not able to crack it; it is better that you leave that question and move on to the other one. Sticking on one question will waste your precious time, which you should rather be utilizing in solving other questions.

Mark the Correct Answers

If you are giving your test/ exam on an OMR sheet or marking the answers to objective questions online, you must ensure that you are filling in the right option in the answer sheet. Sometimes, because of sheer carelessness, even after knowing the correct answer, students fill in the wrong options and lose their marks. 

Avoid Guesswork

Most of the competitive exams have negative marking applicable. In this case, it is better to avoid any guesswork so that you do not lose any precious marks that you have dreadfully secured. However, if there is no negative marking applicable, in that case, students must not leave any question un-attempted and try to answer each one of them.

Review your Answers

The most critical factor that students must remember is if they have any time left, they must go through their answer sheet once or twice to spot if they have made any mistakes while writing the answers. It is ubiquitous to make mistakes in numbering and other silly errors like spellings and grammar. Reviewing your paper will help you get rid of such blunders.

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