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Prodigy’s Corner: 10 Tricks to Crack Govt. Exams in 2021..!!

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Clearly, it’s known fact that the privatization of every industry is on its peak level. But, to Crack Govt. jobs have no longer lost their charm. Every year, lakhs of candidates apply for various government exams in the hope of landing a government job as it assures a secure future. All of us are very well aware of the perks and benefits that the government jobs come with, thereby making them a popular career option among the youth. Lakhs of students prepare for the examination but only a few makes the cut. Aspirants wonder what is it that makes those few crack the exam while others, despite trying their best, cannot achieve.

There are plenty of misconceptions that are prevalent among the students like on must study for 16+ hours, only scholars can crack the exams, one must stop doing everything else, that you cannot pass the exam while working a job, and many more. However, all this is false, though the difficulty level of the exam is constantly rising in the view of the increasing competition in the exams. To tackle these challenges, many students are opting for coaching classes for government exams while some are preparing by themselves. Here, we are providing you with some tips to crack government exams, which will ensure that you ace the exam you are sitting in and get the job of your dreams.

Tips to crack government exams

Have prior research about the Examination

It is crucial that before beginning with the preparation of any exam, the candidate must have exhaustive details about that particular examination.  The candidates must ensure that they thoroughly go through the official notification of the exam. This will inform them about the exam schedule and all other important events regarding the exam. The next thing is to check the eligibility criteria and ensure that you meet it. Then, one must check the job position that you are seeking and research about it. The next step is to know if there is any expertise or skill required for the exam. Finally, check the syllabus of the exam, and begin with your preparations.

Strategize your work roles

Once you have collected all the information about the exam, the next step is to draft a strategy accordingly. Your strategy must include all the subjects that are in the curriculum of the government exam. Make a time table and do not forget to add your daily chores like bathing, eating, sleeping, etc. in your timetable too. Make a fixed schedule of everything you do in a day to have proper discipline in your day.

Always stay alert & updated

You all must know that current affairs play a vital role in every government exam. Therefore, a student must stay updated with happenings around the world.  For getting the most reliable news, you can refer to the newspapers like “The Hindu” or “Indian Express”. Other than that, you can also visit the news cornerof Coaching Wale.

Have effective use of tactics for memorizing the things

A number of tricks prevails that can help you memorize the topics that you need to remember for the exam. Converting words into pictures can help your mind retain information longer. You can use many other techniques like using mnemonics, rhymes, and convert words into pictures, use pictorial storage to remember names or assign specific colors to specific points to help yourself remember them better.

Robust preparation for Aptitude and Reasoning

Aptitude and Reasoning are tested in almost all government exams. The candidates must have sharp and chiseled Aptitude and reasoning skills. The only way to strengthen this section is by solving more and more questions. You can go for the mock test series by Coaching Wale for the purpose. The students can buy books specific to these sections so that they have plenty of questions to practice.

Solve Previous Year Question Papers

Solving previous year question papers will give the students the idea about the kind of questions asked in the exam. They will also get a clear idea about the exam syllabus, the paper pattern, the marking scheme, and many more of such insights. Solving these papers will help the student know how much time should be devoted to each section.

Create Suitable Notes

Making notes can prove much beneficial for the students in the long run. While a student is preparing notes, they are training their brain to remember it as well as write it, which helps them during the exam. Hand-written notes prove very useful during the last-minute revisions too. So, focus on this portion.

Don’t avoid caring for your health

In the hassle of preparing for the exams, the students forget about their health. They stay up till late hours often in the haste of completing the syllabus, which in turn has a negative effect on their health. Well, it is known that a healthy brain resides in a healthy body, and if your body is tired, your brain will not be able to concentrate on studies.

Prioritize All Stages

This is a very crucial point as some students give the majority of their time preparing for just one phase of the exam and, as a result, fail in the others. For example, if you are preparing for IAS, you must prepare equally for all three phases, pre, mains, and interview as your chances of selection depends on all three of them equally. 

Always Stay Positive

Sanguinity is the key to success. Having a positive attitude while studying will give you the motivational boost required to stay focused on your studies. Losing hope and becoming pessimist will only hinder your chances of being successful. If you want to succeed, it is important that you do not lose hope even in the toughest times and keep marching ahead.

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