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NEET Preparation @ 11th Standard!


How can I maintain a Youtube channel and NEET preparation both as being a 11th class student?

Well, when you are going through your NEET UG preparation, try not to waste any time on other unnecessary works. But, if still you are professional with it and want to maintain your you tube channel. One need to focus on the schedule for the same. One need to maintain proper schedule for both studies and managing the time. Simple and clear things is that, studies should never hamper because of the activities.

Though, whenever it comes to examination, every student wishes to score the highest. Hence, the recent time phase of neck to neck competition, working hard is not enough for the students, they also need to study smart. You might have seen a number of times that many students study too little and score as much as your marks and even more than you. The reason behind that is just their smart learning strategy. Those students utilize their every single ounce of their effort much wisely. So, given below is the list of some tips which would be much helpful to you for scoring utmost rank in the NEET examination with 600+ marks

Tricks for Smart Learning along with maintaining you tube channel:

Targeting: One can be more productive if he or she utilizes their time effectively. It can be only done when you have clear idea about your capabilities & along you set realistic targets for yourself.

Strategizing: You need to make an effective strategy for revising each and everything faster as compared to others. After adopting certain strategy only, you would be able to have fullest utilization of your efforts.

Planning: You should ensure about a smart plan for your studies. Conceptual clarity is must. You should not just mug up the things. In case you fail in remembering the formula, derive to remember that all. Before moving to solve thousands of questions of same kind, go for the one’s which papers are from previous year. Hence, focus on using the innovative techniques of study to save the time and have better preparation for the examination.

Dear aspirants, you can also seek the help of e-learning mobile apps in this pandemic to learn. By this, one can prepare sitting safe at home. Such an interactive platform is Coaching Wale. The app avails abundant study stuffs at your doorsteps.

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