Marking Rubric along with Subject-Wise Exam Structure

Daily REET 2020

Dear REET aspirants, this post will acquaint you with the marking rubric for REET 2020 examination. The individual who is appearing for the examination is required to have in-depth knowledge about the weightage a particular subject holds in the exam.

So, here are the details:

Total marks of question paper = 150 marks

In this, Baal Vikash consist of 30 marks

So, in Baal Vikash getting 28 marks out of 30 is not a big deal. Really students, I’m not kidding at all! Getting around 28 marks in the subject is quite easy. Now, you might be thinking….How???

So guys, first you need to know, what Baal Vikash mean?? If simply I’d say, it’s like “ Apki Samajh Kitni Vikshit hai?”. Hence, the subject needs practical learning like having the application of things on you or on children. Yes, you can also seek the help of books for the purpose or go for online learning platforms like that of Coaching Wale.

Then coming towards the syllabus, who decides the syllabus for this subject??

So, it’s according to NCTE (National Council of Teacher Education)

In order to get utmost marks in Baal Vikash, you need to study the syllabus of RBSE or NCERT. It means the books of classes 11th and 12th. But I would recommend you to read the books of RBSE. The reason behind this is, REET is a state level examination and it usually prefers the State Board (Mathyamik Siksha Board).  

So, it was all about the Baal Vikash subject. If you follow the scenario, you will surely get 28 out of 30 marks in the subject. This is applicable for the students of Paper 1 or Paper 2.

Then comes the subject Hindi = 30 marks

 (10 marks for Sikshan Vidhi & 20 for grammar)

It’s also for both, level 1 and level 2

For this subject, you should study the books of class 6th to 10th.

Then here is the subject English = 30 marks. For this, you should study the NCERT or RBSE books of classes 6th to 10th.

Then here is the fourth part which is of 60 marks. So this is quite different for those appearing for Level 1 than with those appearing for Level 2.  

If you are giving Level 1 or Paper 1, here is the description as per your subject area…..

Students having E.V.S – Study from RBSE books of Class 3rd, 4th & 5th

Students having Maths – Study from the RBSE OR NCERT books of class 1st to 8th

Then, comes the Level 2 and your subjects will be…..

Students having S.St – Study from the RBSE books of classes 6th to 10th. Also, you can go for NCERT books.

Apart from this, you need study the Topics as per your syllabus from books of classes 11th and 12th. You need not to study the whole book.

The students who are from Science Math: Study the books of classes 6th to 10th either from NCERT or RBSE.

So students, it was all about the structure of exam. I have clearly acquainted you with what you need to study for having 100% selection. Then too, if you are having any doubts in respect to examination, you can seek assistance from Coaching Wale E-learning platform.

Download the app now and get acquainted with more updates about the REET examination.

Coaching Wale: Siksha Wahi…..Soch Nayi…..!

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