Does these Constraints hinder your Preparation for Competitive Exams?

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Competitive exams have become a part of our lives. Whether it is a scholarship, a job, or admission to a school or college, there is a competitive exam for each one of them. All the students appearing in these competitive exams aim at clearing the exam with utmost scores. However, the situations and circumstances are not the same for everyone.

There are many difficulties that students face while preparing for competitive exams. These difficulties act as a hurdle in their way of getting successful in landing their dream job or dream college. These obstacles are the major threats in a student’s life and can leave them stressed and restless as they take the students away from their dream of clearing the exam.

It is natural to be nervous and feel anxious due to such constraints. However, acknowledging these constraints can help the candidates a little and aid them in planning ahead so that they can try to avoid these constraints and crack the exam they are sitting in.

Availability of enough Finance

It is the first and the most vital issue in the lives of a number of students. Preparing for difficult competitive examinations like NEET, GATE, and RAS that have thousands of candidates appearing in this requires proper guidance and preparation. To achieve this, many students plan to join various coaching classes. However, these coaching classes are very costly and can be a great financial burden on the candidates. Even the study material can be out of reach of some candidates.

Availability of Enough Time for Preparation

We see a number of students who prepares for the examination along with doing job or some other works. They are not in a position where they can leave their job and dedicate all their time to the preparation of competitive exams. In this case, the students struggle to give proper time to their preparations.

Confused; from where to start with

Many students face this dilemma when they make up their minds to give a competitive examination. They totally have no idea where they should begin their preparations and what should be the first thing that they should do. This leaves them in a constant confusion where they are unable to even start with their preparations.

Mental Restrictions

We see a number of students who have just set up their mind that the particular exam is hard and he/she can’t crack it. And in case they try, they set their goals very low, like just reaching the cutoff. These things keep the candidate from realizing their true potential and getting what they deserve.


Distractions like social media, mobile phone, and television is one of the biggest constraints while preparing for competitive exams. The introduction of OTT platforms has introduced a habit of “binge-watching” of shows which waste a student’s time. The students cannot resist the temptation of these distractions and end up wasting a lot of their precious time.

Improper Atmosphere

Having the right atmosphere is very important to have proper preparation for exams like REET, NEET, and PATWAR. If you are at a place where there are constant distractions, where you do not have mental peace, or where something is constantly stressing you, you won’t be able to concentrate.

Gigantic Syllabus

In most of the competitive exams, the syllabus is never-ending, and the students have a hard time completing it. Even a day or two of procrastination can pull you back and lower the chances of you acing the exam. The syllabus might be vast, but your approach should be towards trying to complete it as much as possible and not feel defeated in front of it.

Indecorous Study Material

Many students feel that piling up books will help them in preparing better for the exams, which is absolutely false. The students must refer to a limited number of resources that are authentic and of good quality. One must always go for quality rather than quantity. Choosing the wrong books can greatly hinder the probability of you cracking the exam.

Losing Patience

Preparing for competitive exams like REET, NEET and PATWAR requires you to dedicate months or even years at preparation. During this phase, a lot of students start losing their patience, which in turn results in the loss of their focus and concentration from studies. They start losing hope and get demotivated.

Inappropriate Sleep Schedule

In the haste of completing the vast syllabus and trying to squeeze productivity out of every hour, students often disregard their sleep and end up having a wrecked sleeping schedule. This can be disastrous as it has a huge negative impact on an individual’s health and affects the ability to concentrate while studying.

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