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Why Should we read Current Affairs?

Current affairs has proportionally increased with the analytical trend of questions as well as with the enhanced weightage of environment and science. There is no particular trend in which UPSC has asked questions from current events. Its unpredictable nature can be sensed from last year paper where many direct questions from current events were picked.

Current Events plays a key role in all the three stages of UPSC preparation, especially in the Mains and Interview. A large section of the questions cover the current affairs.

It covers a wide range of topics which overlaps with the CORE subjects like Geography, Polity, Economics, History and Dynamic subjects like environment, science and technology. Henceforth, it is hard to classify questions under a specific heading/topic. This is the reason, why many of the aspirants are of the notion that, not many questions have been asked from current events in the recent years (from Prelims perspective). But this is wrong!! Current Events plays a key role in all the three stages of UPSC preparation, especially in the Mains and Interview. Even after reading and revising, you may not be able to recollect all current affair material in the exam hall

Thus, some aspirants spend an indefinite amount of time researching the “best website” and the ‘best coaching material’ website for Current Affairs and  invest less time actually reading it.  Others have this perfectionist mindset that forces them to make copious notes and compilations from tons of material available in the market. Desist from this. Do your research for a day, decide on your sources, and stick with it. You’ll do just fine.

My Current Affair sources:

  • The Hindu (One English Daily)
  • IE Explained section on website (for comprehensive understanding of an issue)
  • One daily compilation (Choose any among Insights/ IAS Baba/ Forum/ Vision/ CivilsDaily etc.)
  • One monthly compilation
  • All India Radio— Spotlight/Discussion
  • Misc (RSTV’s Big Picture, India’s World, and PRS India)
  • Internet

Moreover, it is all done after extracting the relevant topics from the major newspapers as a part of daily initiatives.

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