Complete details about Rajasthan PATWAR examination


Before appearing for any government examination, it’s much important for an individual to have the detailed information about that particular examination. Like that of job and salary. Here, in this article, you will get the required details about the Patwari examination.

The Rajasthan Subordinate and Ministerial Services Selection Board (Rajasthan Subordinate and Ministerial Service Selection Board, RSMSSB) conducts the Patwari examination every year to appoint Patwari in the available vacancies. Thousands of students try their hard work and luck in it and try to reach the top of the merit list.

Let us know about the job profile and salary of a Patwari.

If you are wondering what exactly Patwari work is, then you should first understand what Patwari is. Patwari is the name of the post of a village accountant under a tehsildar. Just knowing this, you must have got an idea about Patwari’s KRA (main responsibility areas).

Patwari has responsibility for the following tasks:

– To act as Assistant to Tehsildar in Tehsil.

– Taking care of all the villages under him.

– Meeting village farmers to listen and resolve their complaints or concerns related to farming.

– On behalf of the state government to collect agricultural land tax from the farmers of all the villages under it.

– To settle land disputes in villages between farmers through public meetings.

– Responsibility for collection of all data related to the ownership of village agricultural land and land in files or computers.

– To make a record of any natural disaster coming under the jurisdiction and submit it to the Tehsildar.

If any compensation is released by the State Government as per the records submitted by the Patwari, it is the duty of the Patwari to distribute it among the needy villagers accordingly.

Patwari salary

Selected candidates who have been placed on the post of Patwari under Tehsildars are given 6 months training to help them understand their job role and KRA.

The initial 2 years of the job is known as probation periods.

During this period, the candidate is given a fixed salary fixed by the state government. No allowances are received during this period except for fixed salary.

After the initial two years, the minimum grade of Patwari in Rajasthan is Rs 26,300. Though, based on the prescription of the state government, the Patwari’s are provided several allowances.

Basic salary – Rs 20,400
Hard Duty Allowance – Rs 1500
House Rent Allowance – Rs 14
Total basic salary – Rs 240

According to the National Pension System (NPS), Rs 2080 is deducted from the salary. It is because Patwari is eligible for pension after retirement from the state government.

Thus, in Rajasthan, the salary received by a Patwari every month becomes Rs 24,340.

Allowances provided by the state government in Patwari jobs

Being a government employee there are various benefits of being a Patwari under the state government. Following are some of the benefits:

i. House rent allowance

ii. Dearness allowance

iii. Hard duty allowance

iv. Urban compensation allowance

v. Special pay

vi. Therapeutic benefit

vii. Pension

3 stages of the examination

i. Preliminary examination

ii. Main exam

iii. Document verification

The candidates selected after the preliminary examination are eligible to appear in the main examination.

Students who pass the main examination have to undergo a document verification process to be appointed on one of the vacancies available under the state government for the position of Patwari.

Both the preliminary and main exam are Objective (MCQ) type and can be conducted online or offline. The syllabus for this exam is easily available on the RSMSSB website. Study material related to this is available in the Internet as well as libraries.

The various benefits associated with the Patwari job, as well as the abundance of study material and various courses offered by the coaching centers, attract a large number of students to this exam each year.

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