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Why Should You Keep Your LinkedIn Updated?

There’s an obvious reason and a not-so-obvious reason as per Career Updates. The obvious reason is to keep it updated, will help in better job search and networking.

When your profile is up-to-date and polished, it immediately makes you more attractive. Imagine a recruiter coming across your profile and seeing only the title you had two promotions ago. You’re doing yourself a big disservice by not highlighting your most recent accomplishments!

The not-so-obvious reason is that consistently refreshing your profile helps you keep track of activities. Like, that includes what you’ve done and where you’ve come from.

“To varying degrees we all do things that are outside of our own job description, [and] sometimes they just don’t necessarily get articulated in what our role and responsibility is,” says Muse career coach Al Dea. “Those types of things are always good to add into your profile…because if you don’t they’re really easy to forget.”

Sure, you will remember it when you’ll land a big deal. But what about all the other little things you accomplish on a regular basis? Writing them down locks them in memory and further makes your case for being a stellar employee (and hire).

And, says Dea, “it serves as a forcing mechanism for you. It is to actually reflect and think about not only what it is you do. Rather, it’ll consider what are all the things you did but what was the impact of what you did.”

This kind of self-reflection can also lead you to think more carefully about what you actually enjoy doing—and what roles you might want to pursue in the future as a result.

One note before we get started: When you edit your LinkedIn, you’ll want to turn off your “Sharing profile edits” settings (under “Settings & Privacy”) so that your network isn’t constantly notified of the changes you’re making (of course, there are some caveats to this that I’ll highlight later).

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  • Career After PhD
  • देश-दुनिया में पीएचडी की डिग्री को सर्वोच्च एकेडमिक डिग्री के तौर पर सम्मान हासिल है. अधिकतर लोग ऐसा मानते हैं कि, एक यूनिवर्सिटी प्रोफेसर बनने के लिए पीएचडी ट्रेनिंग बेस्ड स्टडी मोड्यूल है.
  • India is nation where engineering has become the most popular and sought-after career option among young students.
  • इस आर्टिकल में हम एमटेक करने वाले इंडियन प्रोफेशनल्स के लिए उपलब्ध करियर ऑप्शन्स पर चर्चा कर रहे हैं. आपके लिए यह बहुत जरुरी है कि आप एमटेक की डिग्री हासिल करने के बाद स्टूडेंट्स या प्रोफेशनल्स के लिए भारत में उपलब्ध विभिन्न सूटेबल जॉब ऑफर्स, करियर ऑप्शन्स या हायर स्टडीज़ के बारे में पहले से ही समुचित जानकारी हासिल कर लें.
  • The advent of modern technology has made IT a blooming sector across the world. It’s hard to imagine anything without technology.
  • मॉडर्न टेक्नोलॉजी से पूरी दुनिया में IT सेक्टर निरंतर विकसित हो रहा है. टेक्नोलॉजी के बिना अब हम अपनी डेली लाइफ में किसी भी चीज़ की कल्पना नहीं कर सकते हैं. इसी तरह, कंप्यूटर्स और टेक्नोलॉजी में विशेष करियर ऑप्शन्स में से एक है – MCA अर्थात मास्टर ऑफ़ कंप्यूटर एप्लीकेशन.
  • बैचलर ऑफ़ बिजनेस एडमिनिस्ट्रेशन, जिसे आमतौर पर बीबीए के नाम से जाना जाता है, ऐसे स्टूडेंट्स का पसंदीदा करियर ऑप्शन है जो मैनेजमेंट में अपना करियर बनाना चाहते हैं.