Aspiring to crack NEET 2021

Aspiring to crack NEET 2021: Here’s the ultimate path to Success…!

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But first understand the situation here for how to crack NEET? This question is really overwhelming. It’s quite true that everyone has a unique preparation strategy. So I’m going for a bit different route with this answer and provide a basic set of tools that would surely work for you guys.

You have decided to appear for the NEET and want to be a doctor. What is unique about you? Nothing! You are doing what already lakhs of students of our country are doing. Roughly assume 99% of students won’t get a good rank. So you have to be the 1%.

Dear aspirants, here’s a general layout,

Intelligence + Strategy + Motivation + Persistence + Endurance = Success

So, now we’ll have point to point discussion on the topics. First of all, come on….let’s have a look towards the Intelligence section.

1.      You have to ask yourself relevant questions and reach correct conclusions. This is nowhere related to academic performance but choices you make with your life.

2.      Understand the competition. Realize which part is going to give you edge in the exam.

3.      Ditching unnecessary parts should be avoided. Instead focus on more important parts. You should not waste your time on a part which gives you 1–2 questions and takes a very long time to prepare. Identify those parts which cover major and vital sections of the exam. But remember never avoid topics which are conceptually important for the examination.

4.      Stop fooling yourself. Wasting time on social networks and games, performing poorly in the exam and then having excuses. So guys, to whom you are fooling here? Most probably, yourselves only. If you lack such basic seriousness you would never be able to pursue a career in the field which deals with human lives.

5.      Give yourself enough time for sleep and exercise. It’s very important for your memory and health.

6.      Have an intelligent use of your time for preparation. Give more time to weaker topics and vice versa.

7.      Don’t waste your time on such topics which are hard to understand and irrelevant for the exam point of view. Thus, focus on the parts which are important for exam.

8.    Avoid setting out unrealistic goals and study schedules. Develop one but that should be proper and according to your capabilities to crack the examination.

Hope, you have understood well that being intelligent means in the examination point of view. In our next post, we’ll acquaint you with the rest factors for getting Success in the NEET 2021 examination.

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